Own a Chris Vandyke Designs home?

We see lots of our homes change hands over the years with agents using our name in their sales pitch.

What does that mean for you?

Well firstly “Congratulations!” We trust that you are happy with your home and its features.

Over the years we have been fortunate to assist over a thousand clients with designing their dream lifestyle. We have never mass produced designs but rather have designed each home for its location based on a number of passive design principles and the particular user requirements at the time.

Pole homes

In the mid 80’s our office was at the forefront of pole home construction, at the time this style was quite popular and suited the lifestyles of many during this period. Timber then was quite affordable with cubic rates roughly 1/3rd the cost of what they are today. As time went on, environmental regulations tightened the timber market as did safety in construction and so the affordability of this style has seen its popularity come and go.

Due to the constant of time and homeowners moving through their respective stages in life, many of our homes of this period cycle back through the real-estate markets to this day. For this reason many people still credit us to this day as “pole home” designers however the truth is - these days our office would be fortunate if we design one pole home a year.

Most of the design related work we conduct on pole homes now - is revisiting our already built homes for clients wishing to extend or modify the original design.

If you are the lucky owner of one of our pole homes (one of 300 or so out there in the real world) rest assured we will have your home on file.

For small fee we can provide or assist you with:

• A copy of the construction plans we have on file and any other site information we had at the time.

• Design advice on extensions or alterations and recommend suitably skilled craftsmen to carry out works.

Modern Tropical homes

In recent decades our style has evolved in line with market and client expectations in addition to our knowledge and experience with tropical architecture and lifestyle living.

Building materials, elements and related sustainability principles incorporated within are now at a stage where best practices are adopted and picked up from year to year.

If you own one of our more modern tropical homes - the same after service support is also available to you. We frequently provide design advice to return clients or new owners wishing to change or extend their home configurations. So in summary, Chris Vandyke Designs provides tailored architectural support to our new and to our existing home owners as we are passionate about our designs and will maintain your records here with us indefinitely.

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