Winner of 7 National, 4 Premier and 19 State Design Awards, Chris Vandyke Designs specialises in open plan buildings that are drawn from Tropical, Asian and Modern influences and formed to suit a distinctively Australian style.

We are passionate about creating low impact buildings with a small environmental footprint, utilising passive solar design, shading and environmentally sustainable materials.

Extensive client consultation results in a personal approach to each client's requirements within the environmental context of their property location and orientation. To achieve a successful indoor / outdoor living experience we pay particular attention to site conditions to ensure that mechanical heating and cooling are kept to a minimum.

Our wide ranging experience encompasses the design of resorts, schools and mostly private homes on the beach, in the rainforest, on top of mountains, nestled in valleys and secreted amongst suburban sites.

In July 2009 Chris was admitted as a Fellow of the Building Designer’s Association of Queensland Inc "Awarded for excellence in building design and for gaining public recognition for the profession of building design". Chris was one of the two inaugural members to be admitted to this prestigious fellowship.

Please enjoy our website. We hope to assist you in creating your own dream lifestyle.

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